Our desire is to enhance made-in-Ghana products and homegrown businesses with creative content and distinctive visuals.
Brand Architecture

Some call it creative development, we call it Brand Architecture.

At the core of every successful marketing activity is a solid brand strategy and clear objectives. We combine research with experience and current trends, to come up with refreshing ideas that revamp your brand’s image.

Logo & Identity

If your brand could speak, what would it say? Build a brand identity that reflects the true spirit of your business.

Graphic Design

The best designs are intentional. We read between the lines of a creative brief to deliver artwork that speaks to the heart of your clients.

Motion Graphics

Images speak louder than words. Make your visual communication stand out with Savlion motion graphics.

Copy Writing

Scripts, LPMs, press releases, speeches and more. Powerful communication starts with a well-written piece.


Tired of mugs and pens? Work with our creative team to design unique corporate souvenirs that push your brand and foster stakeholder relationships.

Brand Promotion

The Savilon creative team develop strategic media campaigns to promote your brand both online and offline.

Audio Branding

Verbal and visual marketing communication is amplified with sound.
Our team of professional songwriters, music producers and voice-over artists are experienced, and excited to work on sound productions that will catch attention, and leave a lasting impression.








If you aren't communicating online, you aren't communicating at all.

Digital Media

Digital Campaign Management

Social Media Management

Web & App Development

Content Marketing

Our Core Team

Outspoken, optimistic and full of bright ideas. A transparent team leader that spares no expense to get the job done.

Phoebe Clarissa
Creative Director

A creative technical-genius with an unbridled imagination. Embraces every project with mind, heart and soul.

Lambert Agbeehia
Software Engineer

A problem-solver who never stop smiling. Working with her make everything so simple.

Sandrine Adamon
Project Manager

One of the best music producers to grace the nation of Ghana. A humble artiste who adds perfection to every project.

Gideon 'Genius' Amoafo
Audio Engineer